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Hair 24, 25, 26 *Updated


Hair 24 Fluorite, Hair 25 Peridot, Hair 26 Tiger's eye

I used Simandy's gradients to create the textures.
Thank you so much!

  • Both frames
  • Base Game Compatible
  • 24 EA Swatches
  • Hat Compatible
  • All LODs

Hair 24 Fluorite 
Vertices:3786 Polygons:5597

Hair25 Peridot 
Vertices:5538 Polygons:6997

Hair 26 Tiger's eye
Vertices:3321 Polygons:4244

I have updated Peridot and Fluorite.

I have created a  long hair version of Fluorite. 
Vertices:3729 Polygons:5846

Accordingly I have updated previous Fluorite. A minor modification, the texture of hair at the back side of neck has been revised. 

Also, the texture of Peridot has been modified, which original natural black hair color was closer to gray. If you were unhappy about this previous hair color, now you can re-download it. 

There is no change regarding tiger’s eye. Hope you keep enjoying !

Download ALL (zip folder, no ads) :

Fluorite :
Sim File Share / MediaFire

Peridot and Tiger's eye :

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  1. They are super great indeed!! I'm so excited to see my sims wearing them :D Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much! (your friend Menopausalmaniac, aka MadameNordica - Galllery id)

    1. Thank you for commenting my blogspot too! Hope your PC will be recovered soon!

  3. Thank you for your hard work! Your hairs are some of my favorites <3